Welcome to the best alliance of Ukraine
Here you'll find tips on how to play "Age of Empires Castle Siege ©", answers to FAQs and many different materials related to the game. We wish you a good time. We hope that this information will help you succeed and have fun. And, most importantly, that together we have achieved our goal - to enter the top ten alliances in the world. Please carefully read all the topics that you can see below, before you start asking questions in the chat. Wish you get maximum pleasure from the game.
Attention due to the fact that our alliance can not take themselves all comers, because the number of participants is limited to 50 players, we have to set limits for accession by the number of crowns. Now there is a limit of 1500 crowns, which may eventually change. So do not be offended if you will be removed from the alliance. Rank 50 in the alliance are always free. You can always come back when you have reached a sufficient amount of crown. Sorry for the inconvenience.
For beginners who want to join the alliance, but did not have enough (less than 1500) crowns, there is an alliance Ukraine2, where you can also get a lot of information and support from more experienced players of our alliance
During the league is not allowed to leave the alliance. The person who comes out of the alliance, exposes the whole team to lose. The sanction for a way out of the alliance is banned for the player.